Best Online Casino Designs

I have to admit that I am an avid gambler. I wouldn’t say that I am addicted to gambling, because I have no problem placing limits on myself and sticking to them, but I am a huge fan, and I am always on one casino or another. Online casinos are so much fun and they offer an experience unlike anything else that you can find online. Most important is that they do have good design and the best payout options.

Of course, as a web designer by trade, I have developed a huge respect for the web designers who put together these online casinos. Sure, I like to have fun and gamble, but sometimes I catch myself getting lost in the design elements and structural decisions made on the page. They are great examples of awesome design work, and paying attention to the finer details is a great way to get inspired.

My Favourite Online Casino Designs

Kaboo Casino is probably my all-time favourite online casino, design wise. The cool dark theme kind of sucks you into another world. The designers behind the site did an excellent job creating an environment that can make you forget that you are even on a casino site. It feels more like a fantasy game world, and I love it.

Platinum Play Casino is another one that I like. It doesn’t have the same pull as Kaboo, but it is elegant, light, and makes you feel a bit rich just looking at the site. Everything from the images to the icons to the menus gives you a feeling that you are a high roller and that the casino is going to take care of you. From a design perspective, conveying those kinds of feelings in people is no easy task, so I appreciate what they have done there.

Online casinos have among the best designers working for them and when you want to see what web design is really all about, stopping by a few of the casinos from this list will surely give you what you are looking for.