The Best Looking Blogs Out There

If you are online savvy like me, it is guaranteed that you visit many blogs in one day. Sometimes, you get glued to one blog for a long time, and other times you just peruse through in a hurry. There are many factors that determine what you do when you land on a particular blog.

The appearance and the content are just a few attractions on a blog. That is why marketers love to capitalize on this.

Latest Survey on Blogs and Their Designs

It has been proven that apart from friends and family, blogs fall under the most trusted sources of information. They even outrank the news agencies, celebrities, top brands, or even politicians. Just like a homepage on your website, the blog and its design is the first thing a visitor will see when looking at your blog.

So, it determines whether they will stay or leave even of you have very rich content.

A Look at Some of the Top 3 Good Blog Designs

  1. Microsoft Stories ranks as one of the best blog websites of our time. It is simple yet very interactive. The blog design is visually eye-catching and does not deviate from Microsoft’s brand.
  2. Brit + Co is another blog that uses visual cues to attract readers. It is not cluttered; it is welcoming and very clean. It oozes warmth that can keep the reader occupied for hours.
  3. Tesco Living also stands out as bold and very simple. It is full of colourful photos, perfectly representing the grocery supplier’s brand.

What’sNext for Blog Design and Bloggers

One thing is certain; we have not exploited all there is in blog designs. Some of the design trends I hope to see more of in the future should stress on brand identity, which simply blends content and visual cues to attract readers.