Pictures On Your Website

When it comes to putting pictures on your website, there are a lot of things that you have to consider if you want those pictures to complement rather than harm the overall look and feel that you are trying to achieve.

Among these considerations are the image sizes in both physical dimensions and megabytes, the file types, and the harmony that they strike when viewed together. There are also legal considerations.

Finding Harmony

With so many personal websites these days all over the Internet, it can be a little bit difficult to stand out from the crowd. If you are one of the many wondering how to create a unique WordPress blog, here is a quick tip.

  1. Don’t think about your images in terms of solitary pictures that are serving just one purpose.
  2. Come up with a mood or feeling that you want to convey, use that idea to create the parameter for all of the images that you put on your site today, as well as all of the ones you put on in the future, and you will have a blog that looks as if it were planned by a pro.

Just that little bit of change in perspective and the addition of a plan make all the difference.


If you plan to monetize your blog in any way, be very careful about the usage rights of the images that you select for your blog. It is best to use images that you know are legally safe so that you avoid getting into any trouble down the road.


Finding the right pictures and making sure that you have some management systems for them will go a long way in helping you make your images work for you. Take it from someone who spends an unusual amount of time tinkering with website design. Getting the images right is one of the most important things that you will do.