Get Inspired

There is no doubting the fact that web design is an art form. It may still be a little under-developed as a form of artistic expression, but it is certainly getting there. I’d say that in a few years we are going to start seeing some really incredible things done with the tools that are being developed these days.

That said; it’s a good thing that we do not have to wait for the trade to mature to see some great expressions of art on today’s web pages. There are some truly fascinating things that people are doing with the design elements of their pages, and we can all get inspired by seeing the kinds of creativity that people are bringing to their projects.

An Example From My Life

One of my friends, for example, just asked me the other day for advice and design ideas for fashion blogs. She works in the fashion industry and wanted help creating something that might set her work apart from every other fashion-related blog on the Net. As her request was perfectly understandable, I told her everything I know about web page design, but I told her to look around online and find examples that she liked, as well.

In fact, no matter what kind of website you spend most of your time in, you can find sources of inspiration everywhere. After all, if you spend most of your time online on one particular site there must be a reason for it.

What, in particular, strikes you about the design? Take notes and see if you can incorporate some of the ideas in your own work. With a twist of originality, of course.