Design Ideas for Fashion Blogs

I am excited to get to this page, and I hope all of you, my dear readers, are still with me. Fashion blogs have incredible designs and they look absolutely lovely. After all, the whole idea behind fashion is to be fresh, new, cutting edge, hip, cool… well, you get my drift.

Since the fashion industry is supposed to be all about appearances, image, and feeling great, any website that represents one of these companies has to match the face of the company. By taking a quick look around on the Net at some of the top brands, you will see what I am talking about, very quickly.

So, let’s talk design!

The Layout and Pictures

The layout of a fashion blog can come in many forms. Some are responsive and have huge images that cover any type of screen that you open them on, and others come as classic blog formats with a vertical scroll. When building a blog, the most important thing to think about is how your content is going to show up.

So, no matter what layout you choose, special consideration has to be given to the pictures on your website. They should be as small as possible while not being so small that they get pixelated on larger screens. It’s not an easy balance to strike, but once you do, your website will look beautiful everywhere.

If you need ideas, there are a lot of very good ones out there that can inspire you. Even if you are not planning on building a page from scratch, looking at pages built by the top brands will give you a clue as to which templates to keep your eyes open for.

After that, it’s just a matter of tweaking them to match your personal tastes.